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Divorce and separation laws and lawyers in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zeland. All you need to know for a marriage dissolution: child custody, trial, judges, attorney, mediation, legal breakdown, same-sex marriage, divorce form, women guide to divorce, man guide to divorce, alimony and more...
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Divorce in USA

Laws and legal breakdown in all states of United States of America

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Divorce and Separation Laws of Australia

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Divorce in Canada

Laws and legal breakdown in Canada and French Canada


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For the last 2 decades, divorce and separation have increased drastically in all parts of Australia. According to the bureau of statistics of Australia, nearly one third of all marriages end up in divorce. It’s a situation that most Australians, married or unmarried, with children or not, will have to deal with through its life. Divorce and marriage breakup can be tricky, hard and very expensive when you don’t have any idea of your rights (even when you do).


A separation (divorce) usually brings a hard time involving a lot of emotions on the spouses, family-in-law, children, as well as huge financial issues. As a matter of fact when both persons agree to finish a marriage peacefully, the procedure is quite easy to follow in order to reach a new status. The problems in separation happen when one or the 2 persons don’t agree on the way to divide the common property (either financial or human, such as children). It’s at this point the most of the person will turn to a divorce attorney, in order to reach a peaceful and fair agreement for everybody.


Knowledge of laws regarding divorce and separation in your province is essential to ensure that you live this difficult stage in harmony. According to the type of relationship you end up with, consulting a law professional is often a must when divorcing in Australia. The first step for a peaceful divorce is to consult a divorce attorney in your state. The advise from separation lawyers are accurate and related to the laws of the state you’re living in. But the site Divorce and Separation Laws wants to offer a first glimpse into the judicial world of Divorce and Separation laws in Australia. It will allow you to have a good understanding of your duties and your rights in this new matrimonial situation.


As you will notice, the laws concerning the divorce and the rights of spouse, husband and child custody can differ a lot from one province to an other in Australia.


You will find informations about Separation Laws of Australia concerning:


After the separation: what to do after your separation or divorce.


Alimony laws in Australia: the obligation of financial support is quite different from one place to another or according to your marital state (unmarried, widowed, same-sex, salary basis, military divorce).


Attorney: specialised in divorces and separation process in your area.


Child Custody in Australia: Child custody is, with the financial issue, the main issue when dealing a separation or divorce. Some rights and duties most be understood when setting an agreement between the parents.


Child support during divorce: supporting a child is the prime goal of many parents when dealing with divorce. Sometimes, when the relation are hard, child well being should the objectives of everybody


Civil union in Australia : Begun in Denmark in the late 80’s the civil union is a legal union somehow similar to marriage. We also refer to civil union by “civil partnership” or “registered partnership”. This kind of union involves some precision when talking about separation.


Common-law marriage in Australia:


Couple mediation in Australia: when dealing with divorce and separation, a mediator is often the key to a peaceful organisation for you and your children.


Divorce guide for men in Australia:


Divorce guide for women in Australia


Divorce laws in Australia


Divorce procedure for Americans


Domestic abuse and divorce in Australia


Domestic partnership in Australia


Fathers rights in Australia:


Grand-parents rights: grand-parents are often neglected when dealing with separation and divorces. In some states and area, they also have rights, especially for child custody.


Marriage laws: The marriage is not only a matter of celebration and lovely moments. We know how hard it might be. Here are some important marriage laws and duty you might have to deal with.


Mother rights in Australia:


Preparing a child to divorce:


Same-sex marriage in Australia:


Separation agreement in Australia:


Shared parenting in Australia:


Statistic about marriage, family of the Bureau of Statistic of Australia: statistics of the Bureau of Statistics of Australia concerning marriage, family and divorce rate


Stepfather or stepmother custody and visitation rights in Australia : being a step-father or step-mother is very difficult when you got involve with the education of the children of someone’s else child. The separation confronts you with the huge lack of right for step-father or mother.



Divorce in UK

Laws and legal breakdown in Britain and United Kingdom

Divorce in Australia

Laws and legal breakdown in Australia and Oceania

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